“Sankeng” has showed his excellent performance.

Sia Khamchan or Khamchan Saokhamkhate has warned the Muay Thai fans not to be worried about the practicing of Sankeng Kelasports for fighting with Phattana Nithiphatthanaikhwam. Besides, this couple one will fight as the second one of Suek Khomchadluek Muai Thai on this Sunday of 17 July, 2016. Therefore, it should wait for the chance to prove the performance of him as the champion in this game.

On this Sunday of 17 July, 2016 for Khomchadluek Muai Thai, Deer Kertphet or the promoter has selected for the great couple boxers. Moreover, one of all is Sankeng Keelasports to fight with Phattana Nithiphatthanaikhwam in 124-125 pounds. In addition, Sankeng will bargain the weight for his couple one in 1 pound, so this guarantee makes his couple one to be confident for being the champion definitely.

What’s more, it shouldn’t be worried for the practicing of Sankeng because of his good preparedness and continuous practicing. And, in this time he has been bargained weight for 1 pound ,especially  to fight with funniness. Finally, Sankeng might become to be the winner not difficutly  with the good encouragement from the Muay Thai fans.

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