It hopes for “Paeteng” not to remove from the program.

Robert Kock hopes that in this time Paeteng Kerttiphonthip might not face with any situation to be the loser anymore. In addition, he has trained this boxer well with his good attention to adjust himself for fighting with Datesakda Sitsongpheenong in order to fight with funniness.


Robert Kock said that now Paeteng Kerttiphonthip is always not the perfect boxer no matter of his not readiness to fight to be removed from the matches. Moreover, in this time he has a stomachache and vomit until sending to the hospital. However, on the next match he might fight with Datesakda Sitsongpheenong on Suek One Mit Chai and Suek Phetwisate broadcasted on Monday of 9th November 2015 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. Later, the manager of Kertphonthip boxing camp said that on this match he has his long preparation with his good attention and diligence to practice himself. Thus, it won’t have any problem , and in this time he has adjusted himself with his good mind by talking with him. Finally, it might be the good opportunity to call back for the good form to fight again as the well-known one with much prices.


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