Muay Thai Training

Muay Thai Training :
This muay thai training program is designed for muay thai student who are interested in the art of Muay Thai and want to make improvement.
Thare are 10 basic elements in Muay Thai traning to build up the skills and abilities to become succesful in Thai boxing. There are
Warming up , Building Endurance , Training Session Duration , Physical Ability Limits , Physicaal Strength , Perusasive Powers , Intensity , Special Exercises , Massage and Regular Exercise .
Morning Session
0600 Running for 7 Kilometres
0640 Short running for 50, 80, 100 metres 5-10 rounds
0700 Basic exercise such as dumbbell, barbells, rope jumping
0720 Perform muay thai shadow boxing
0725 Briefed by trainer for new technique
0830 Heavy bag muay thai training (up to 5 rounds)
0900 Basic exercise without equipment
0930 Wram down


Afternoon Session
1530 Running for 3 Kilometres, rope jumping and basic exercise without equipment
1600 Muay Thai Shadow boxing for 3 rounds
1620 Briefed by trainer for new technique
1630 Muay Thai Sparring 3 rounds
1650 Clinch work 3 rounds
1700 Soft heavy bag muay thaitraining
1720 Cool down basic exercise
1800 Swimming
The fight training program is more serious by more rounds of kick bag and pad works .
What makes the difference in a majority of fights (especially amateur) is the endurance and cardio aspect of the fighters training. The better your endurance is, the more you can push the pace and set the tempo for the entire fight!
If you want more training , the private training is better .
The program of muay thai training is up to the objective of trainee , because someone train for fight and someone train for lose weight .
The professional muay thai boxers train 2 times a day in every day . They train at least 3 weeks before they fight . So the muay thai boxers in Thailand are strong men .
The good muay thai training camp is in Thailand . So many people want to train from the real camp . The muay thai training in Thailand is for beginner or professional who want to learn or improve skill of muay thai .