Features of Muay thai
Six organs used to fight against the rivals are fist, elbow, forearm, foot, shin and knee. These organs are used to strike the opponents with various postures: smashing, punching, knocking, hitting, beating, kicking, shoving away, tucking, striking, pushing against, trampling, throwing, pitching, stabbing, ramming, breaking open, pricking, beating, pushing down, heaving, flicking, binding, tightening, breaking arms, legs and neck, and so on. Each of these organs is used in the following ways:
1. Fist is used to bump, to ram both up and down, to swing, to hook, to knock, and to hit.
2. Elbow is used to swing, to pitch, to uppercut, to stab, to push down, and to ram.
3. Forearm is used to chop, to stab, to push away, to swing, and to lash.
4. Foot is used to kick away, to tuck and to strike by front kicking, pushing against, trampling, kicking, and kicking with sharp tugs.
5. Shin is used both to swing and to hook.
6. Knee is used to shoot, to pitch, to swing, to hook, and to strike with sharp tugs.
Mai Muay is the way of using such organs accompanying with well-combined attacking and defending body movements; that is, it’s the way of attacking and defending. Mai Muay is regarded as an art which is applied to create different effects or results endlessly.

Mae Mai (Martial art of Muay thai) is called as a posture of teacher which is Yang-sam-khum posture with the elements of both fighting and defending. Each teacher or each institute usually originates their own prototype postures.
Look Mai or Mai Muay Thai includes tricks, stratagems and defense techniques.
Mai Ded is the efficient look mai or technique which is highly dangerous for opponents.
Mai Tai is Mai Muay that when the fighter performs this action, the recipient would not be able to protect himself.
Mai Pen is Mai Muay that when the fighter performs this action, the other fighter would be able to protect himself (If he knows how to do it).
Muay Thai have many techniques . Nobody can not learn muay thai in 1 day or 1 week .