Top 5 Benefits of Muay Thai

Muay Thai is one of the best arts in the world that is used for multiple purposes. Started as a fight art, later on it was turned into a sport, which is now an international sport of Thailand. Not only this, Muay Thai is also used as a program that helps people stay fit and loss weight.

Weight is a biggest problem for people all over the world. Be it kids, women, or men, today’s lifestyle has made it impossible to stay fit. We spend more and more time on the internet and smartphones than concentrating on our health. We are running after success and money and in this race, we are forgetting our health and inviting lots of diseases and putting on extra weight.

We understand that this problem is just we do not have many hours of time to spend in Gym to get a perfect shape and stay healthy. But, what if we can spend just 30 minutes per day and the result will be a healthy physique and a tuned body without extra fat around stomach, arms, thighs, and buttocks? Yes, it is possible and the only solution for this is Muay Thai. No dieting, no workout of hours every day, and no medical help. You just need to practice Muay Thai for 30 minutes everyday and every part of your body will be back in action.

To learn Muay Thai, you can travel to Thailand and join a training camp. Do not worry because you can easily find a training camp in Thailand. Once you are on the land of Thailand, you will be facing no issues. Muay Thai camps are too common in Thailand because the people of this country love to stay fit. And, when you will visit here, you will notice that maximum people are tuned into a perfect shape and they are active. They can walk for hours everyday without using any vehicle. If you also want such a nice shape then visit Thailand and learn Muay Thai.

All about Muay Thai

If you have some experience in the world of martial arts, you have probably heard about Muay Thai. For those who don’t know, Muay Thai also known as Thai boxing is a popular martial art that comes from Thailand. It was developed many centuries ago and it is one of the rare disciplines that were not significantly changed over time. Even though it was used as a method of combat in the past, starting from the last century. Muay Thai has become an official sport and the national sport of Thailand. The latest transformation of this discipline happened two decades ago when people in Thailand started taking Muay Thai training classes in order to get in shape and improve their fitness.
The positive effects of Muay Thai training were shared with the rest of the world thanks to the tourists who are visiting Thailand in great numbers because Thailand is an extremely popular holiday destination. Toda, we have people who are traveling to Thailand with only one goal – to join a Muay Thai training camp there and work on their health.
A Muay Thai training camp is a facility where you can take Muay Thai training classes under the guidance of experienced instructors and by using suitable equipment for this purpose. These facilities often provide cheap accommodation which might be a good option in case you are going there alone or with some of your friends.
When we talk about Muay Thai classes, it is good to know that one class usually lasts between 90 and 120 minutes. The students practice various exercises on each of these classes which make the classes fun and exciting. These exercises are simple and adequate for every category of students. So, even if you are out of shape for a long period of time you can still sign up for these classes. Muay Thai provides positive effects for your physical and mental health. You will increase muscle mass, tone your limbs and increase overall strength (including core). Additionally, you can expect better mood, better self-confidence and improved discipline. We hope that these amazing benefits of Muay Thai training will help you make the right choice next time when you are looking for the perfect holiday destination.

Muay Thai is a combat martial arts

Muay Thai is a combat martial arts form and is also well known as kick boxing. It is a sport which enjoys an international recognition in the recent past. However few people know that it was originated in Thailand and holds a special value in the hearts of the Thai people. Whenever there is a match of Muay Thai it is a festival in Thailand. The people wrap up their work quickly so that they can enjoy every bit of the match. It is a rigorous sport where two opponents fight among themselves with the tactics of Muay Thai.


It is a very elite way of fighting as the rules and regulations do not allow it to be a street fight. This art is become very famous and many people wish to learn this sport. For this training camps have been opened across the globe. These camps have state of the art facilities which help the aspirant to learn the trick and secrets of Muay Thai. However it is said that Muay Thai is better learnt in Thailand. The training camps in Thailand have the right ambience and the atmosphere which is needed to learn the art of Muay Thai. People who travel to Thailand make sure to learn this art if the time permits.
Many women also learn the art of Muay Thai . This has many reasons like self defence which keeps them safe from any unforeseen situations. It is a sport which needs a lot of physical and mental strength. This way the women tend to get loss of weight. It keeps them on their toes and rigorously makes them workout. This is one of the main reasons of Muay Thai being popular among women. Apart from these activities, Thailand is also a shopper’s paradise and a great place for night life as well. Youngsters from all around the world come to Thailand to experience it.

Why travel for Muay Thai?

Are you tired of conventional aerobic and gym practices? Do you find it difficult to focus on physical activity? Do you feel like you are out of time all the time? Well, Muay Thai might be the right answer for all your questions and dilemmas. This is a very exciting form of fitness activity that can completely improve your physique and mental alertness. People who have never witnessed the training process might think that this sport is too brutal and violent. However, professionals know that this is an ordinary sport in which the main objective is to beat the opponent not to cause injuries or make them suffer. Even if this is something that is worrying you, remember that we are talking about Muay Thai training in a controlled environment in a camp, not fighting in a ring.


In the beginning, Thai boxing was part of their warfare, but after a while it was turned into a sport with its own rules. People from every part of Thailand have enjoyed and still enjoy the skills of professional Muay Thai fighters on competitions and tournaments. Nowadays, there are pro fighters from almost every country in the world not just Thailand.
In addition, dozens of people from foreign countries travel to Thailand to start training this incredible sport. They have heard about the stories where Muay Thai training has helped people to improve their health and they want to check these claims themselves. The fact is that most of these students, or the ones that are truly committed to the training process, experience numerous health benefits from this activity. Don’t forget that Muay Thai training doesn’t mean staying at the camp all the time. You should feel free to visit the local beach between training classes.
Muay Thai training brings several advantages for the body and mind. First it increases muscle mass and strength. Ir brings benefits to the immune and cardiovascular system, improves flexibility and eliminates tress. Those who are involved in proper Muay Thai training will also burn extra fat and calories fast and detoxify the body. As you can see all these activities will result in improved appearance making you a more attractive individual. When it comes to the mental aspect of this training, Muay Thai improves qualities like courage, confidence, patience and discipline.
The best part is that anyone can make a combination of their holiday and Muay Thai training. The training fee is not high and you will notice the results quickly.

A Simple Guide to Muay Thai in Thailand

Modern people are obsessed with finding the ideal physical activity that can help them restore their health, balance weight and make them stronger and energetic. Muay Thai has proven to be the ideal sport for many people around the globe looking for these things.

What is Muay Thai?
Muay Thai is an ancient martial art invented in Thailand. No one can confirm the exact time when this art was first used, but there is strong evidence that people in Thailand have practiced Muay Thai for at least 6 centuries. Also known as Thai boxing, this physical activity evolved into professional sport in the 20th century and soon grabbed the attention of sport enthusiasts around the globe. in the last 10 years, people have discovered the potential of this type of training for improvement of fitness levels too.
Where is Muay Thai trained?
There are many options when it comes to the place where people can take Muay Thai training classes. They can use the comfort of their home and use online videos or DVDs. In addition, those who live in any big city anywhere in the world can find Muay Thai classes in their local fitness centers. However, every experienced Muay Thai fan will tell you that the homeland of Muay Thai – Thailand, is the place you want to visit if you want to get the maximum from each training class. There are so-called training camps across Thailand where people are fully dedicated to Muay Thai training. Each camp has several professional instructors that guide students through this process of training. They encourage students and help them learn how to make the moves and focus on areas that are important for them – weight loss, muscle growth, self-defense etc. Most Muay Thai training camps accept the presence of both men and women on these classes. Women usually have the same goals as men, although many of them are more focused on weight loss and self-defense.
It is good to point out that Muay Thai training is not the only reason why someone should travel to Thailand. This is a great holiday destination with exceptional offer. Between training classes in Thailand , students will have the opportunity to do many interesting things like swimming on some beautiful beach (if they are accommodated on some island), enjoy nightlife, shopping in malls and traditional stores and markets, visiting landmarks and ancient structures, visiting national parks and do everything they can to have a great vacation.
The benefits of Muay Thai training in Thailand
The benefits of practicing Muay Thai are numerous and they affect every body part. Unlike many other martial arts and organized physical activities, Muay Thai is not focused on particular body parts. The exercises practiced during Muay Thai training will activate every body part, muscle group, joint and tissue in your body. In addition, Muay Thai is great for the immune system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, muscles, mobility, flexibility, mental and emotional health.