“Chomhoad” would like to be the new born one again.

Lately, Chomhoad Imminent Air has announced to everyone that he will practice himself perfectly for fighting with Yodmorakot W. Sangphraphai as the master one of Suek Muai Thai Lumphinee TKO on this Saturday of 19 November, 2016. Besides, he will have to bargain his weight for 1 pound , so it is the tough task for him although he will use his hard chin and fist with his couple boxer. However, he is still confident in his performance to overcome this couple boxer in this game.

For Suek Muai Thai Lumphinee TKO on this Saturday of 19 November, 2016 at Lumphinee boxing stadium , it is the boxing round of Changdang. Moreover, Chun Kertphet has brought the master one in different program to fight in this game ; namely, Chomhoad Imminent Air to fight with Yodmorakot W. Sangphraphai in 115-116 pounds. Besides, now Chomhad has come to guarantee for his perfect body condition.

Similarly, in this time he has his good practicing and good preparation with perfect body condition , so he is fitting in meeting with Yodmorakot W. Sangphraphai. Additionally, this couple one will be the master one on Suek Muai Thai Lumphinee for fighting on this Saturday ,especially for not having met with each other before due to the old fighting of different program. Thus, in this time he is ready to fight by bargaining weight for 1 pounds to his couple one as well as letting the Muay Thai fans to cheer up him after he has his good chance to come back for fighting on channel again.

Significantly, there are the other ones fighting on Changdang boxing round ; namely, Khunphon Sitkaewphraphon fighting with Nuengphataphee Nayok A Thasala in 132 pounds, Mangkornyok P.K. Sanchai fighting with Hachalarm Sitphuphantu in 132-134 pounds and Deawchai Sitlomnao fighting with Changphimai Sorsor Pakorn in 110 pounds.

It has boasted for “Khwandome” to win the game as the late match.

Now, Wittaya Phetsemeun has guaranteed for the practicing of Rambothungsong or Khwandome Tormeanburi or 17-years old boxer from Nakornsrithammarat. Besides, it is known that now his body condition is good in order to be ready for going to Bangkok for fighting with his old proponent or Phetmuengya Sudsakorn Muai Thai after practicing himself for 20 days. However, in the past he has won this couple one before , so in this time he is certainly that he might defeat his couple one again surely.

Wittaya said that it should believe in the good body condition of Khwandome in terms of fighting amusingly as the past matches. Then, if he hasn’t been knocked by his couple one , he will be the winner of the match for sure as the same way.

“Chun” is the leader to let the boxer fighting in 135 pounds on channel 7.

Chun Kertphet is walking forward to setup the new program to give the happiness to both Thai and foreign Muay Thai fans continuously. Then, this game will setup on this Sunday of 11 November in 2016. And, there will consist of this following ; namely, the master one or Sittisak Phetphayathai fighting with Rambo Portoror 1006 in 135 pounds. Therefore, it will grasp for the champion in light weather weight on channel 7 with other great couple ones.

For Suek Muai Thai Ched See on this Sunday of 11 November in 2016 , there will be the new program for the Muay Thai fans throughout the country beginning since 1.15 a.m. Therefore, it will have each couple one to make amusement for the Muay Thai fans for sure,especially for the second time to meet between Sittisak and Rambo.

As the result, on the next week there will be the new program for the Muay Thai fans to be joyful ; namely, the master one or Sittisak Phetphayathai from Ubonrachathani province fighting with Rambo Portoror 1006 or the fresh form in Srisrakate province to fight in 135 pounds. Moreover, Rambo has won his couple one before for once time. And, there will be more interesting couple ones ; namely, the second one or Phetphusang Keelasports fighting with Yodatsawin Ph.Bunyasit in 118 pounds, Phadetsuek Sorchor Phaithoon Pakkred fighting with Phetsaifah Sitnamkhabuan in 118 pounds and the first one or Onephichit Srikranuanyim fighting with Donking Morbestkamala in 112 pounds.

“Chun” is appreciated that the big boxing camps never leave him alone.

In this moment, Chun has thanked for the head of the boxing camp for together make the impressive work to the Muay Thai fans without leaving. In addition, he has admired for Phraranchai , P.K. Sanchai , Chitmuengnon , Kertchareonchai , Dabphangkongphrab , Sitnumnoi , Arawan , Nayok A Thasala and others. Then, they are in his mind all the times and he would like to reward for their treat with his heart.

On last Monday afternoon , Chun has revealed that he has directly phoned to the editor of Muai Siam Daily after finishing of the big match on Lumphinee Champion Kirkkrai. Then, now he is really happy with the success in every part with the good supporting of the Muay Thai fans and the excitement from the couple ones to fight. Therefore, he would like to thank you for the head of the boxing camps no matter of Pharanchai of Kodea Thungsong , P.K. Sanchai Muai Thai Yim of Sia Khwag , Chit Muengnon of Sia Chit , Kertchareonchai of Kokert , Pangkongphrab of Dabphang , Sitnumnoi of Numnoi , Arawan of Banglee Yala and Nayok A Tha Sala of Nayok A and others.

Chun Kertphet said that all of them are as the same family of him , so he is pleased to join all works with him with love.

It’s time to fight for Mabin boxing round on this 8 October in 2016.

Sia Mee or Theerayut Horphrasertkit or the head of Muai Siam Om Noi boxing stadium has recommended for the final round couple one of 1st Phuitramabin boxing round to prepare themselves of fighting. Besides, this couple one is Bigbank and Kotchasarnlek K. Kamphanat to fight on this Saturday of 8 October in 2016 at Om Noi on channel 3. Therefore, it should accept that this is the suitable couple one to fight on this match.

Sia Mee or Theerayut Horphrasertkit or the head of Muai Siam Om Noi boxing stadium said that now Big Bank Ch. Khaoyuhaisuzu has won the scores of Daewden Kertphetdecha already. Moreover, in this moment Big Bank has passed into the final round of 1st Phuitramabin to fight with Kotchasarnlek K. Kamphanat. And, he just won Nichao Suwityim on the last Semi Final round too. Thus, Sia Mee has just informed to the head of the boxing stadium and the promoter to take care of the boxers in his affliation. Therefore, with the last statistics it seems that Bigbank has his more excellent form than his couple one. However, it shouldn’t be careless for the form of Kotchasarnlek while both of the boxing camp are the large one. As the result, it should be confident that no matter to be the champion ,  he is pleased to congratulate for him.