“Kingthong” is confirming for the couple one between “Klasuek fighting with Khomkert”.

Kingthong Luakprabat is really confident for the couple boxers to fight between Klasuek Phetchinda for fighting with Khomkert Phetportortor as the master one of Suek Onekingthong. Then, on this 15 August in 2016  it might have the amusing match to fight without making disappointment to the Muay Thai fans for sure. In addition, it is believed that they might fight by using the knees amusingly without making disappointment to anyone. Similarly, there are other interesting couple ones to fight on this game that the Muay Thai fans shouldn’t miss to watch definitely.

Similarly, there are other couple ones ; namely, Weeraphonlek Weronafarm fighting with Theptaksin S. Sornsing , Kongphob Th. Pran 49 fighting with Rittidate S. Meeudorn , Yimsiam Nakornmeungdate fighting with Phetchainat Sitkamnanneng , Sinlaphathai Sitchiangrung fighting with ET Sitchekarn , Thapna S. Warittha fighting with Sangfah Ch. Wasan , Kongsuriya Sitnathee fighting with Pangpound S. Warittha , Kobphukhao S. Chaiyakorn fighting with Panphet Th. Pran 49 and Ouaika W. Wanchai fighting with Thaharnsia Sit Porchorwor.